#1 Testimonial

"Life Transformation!"

“In the last 4 years I had put on over 45lbs. I was at my heaviest weight. Having tried so many diets in the past (in my 20’s), including low-carb, ketogenic, 1000 calorie, HCG and more, I now entered into my 30’s and no matter what I tried (including eating healthier and some exercise) I couldn’t seem to lose more than 7lbs so I would give up over and over again. I was completely convinced that I had destroyed my metabolism, and that I could no longer lose weight. On top of everything I had knee pain, upper and lower back pain, and chronic severe asthma. To say I was depressed and discouraged was an understatement. I finally decided I needed help to start my journey, and I searched online for a personal trainer. I am so happy and grateful that Vlad was the first person I talked to.

I said to him “ Vlad I think I broke my metabolism, have you had clients like me?” I would say “I hope I can…” he would say “You will!”, I would say “well maybe” he would say “What do you mean MAYBE?”. Vlad had full confidence in me, and no doubts about his method and that was so REFRESHING. I am a little over a month and a half into my “90 day Transformation” and I have lost 27lbs, and I am down 4 sizes. My body has undergone huge changes. My body has never been this strong or felt this good. I’ve never been so motivated in my life. Vlad is incredibly knowledgeable, and experienced.

He is so patient and careful. He’s fun and energetic. Above all else he is a real Life Coach that teaches and educates. I can’t wait to see what else is to come on this journey. If you are looking for a true personal trainer I highly recommend Vlad Telelyuev.”


#2 Testimonial

"Amazing Experience!"

Vlad is amazing! I came to him after doing cardio my whole life, I wanted to learn strength training and to tone up my body. I have done cardio my whole life and don’t know much about weights or how to do proper workouts. I was very spectacle on hiring a trainer because I didn’t know what to expect or if I could keep up with the workouts. I heard about BodyByVlad on yelp and was very impressed by the reviews.

Vlad tailors his workouts according to his clients, his workouts challenge me but at the same time are designed for my body type and to help target certain areas I am more focused on loosing. In just 30 days training with Vlad I lost 9 pounds, and over 13 inches around my body. My body in 30 days is becoming more toned and leaner, and I can also feel myself getting stronger as the workouts progress.



#3 Testimonial

"Not only do I look better but I feel better!"

Before I started training with him, I hadn’t worked out in over two years and had had two kids. My body needed help! After the first 90 days of training three days a week, I lost over 10 lbs and 17 inches! Not only do I look better but I feel better! Vlad is very supportive and never makes you feel uncomfortable. His workouts are realistic and entertaining. I highly recommend him!



#4 Testimonial

"Excellent fitness program, strong nutritional guidance & sincere encouragement"

I have always been athletic and in shape until I had my kids within 13 months of each other. All mothers out there can relate to the enormous changes our bodies go through. I was not seeing results by running so I decided to give Vlad a try. Vlad helped me with a great macro program (fats/carbs/protein) in addition to a weekly workout.

One month later I’ve lost four inches around my waist and four inches everywhere else. My gains have just about doubled in every weighted exercise I’ve been taught; my legs and butt are starting to look sculpted, and my upper body/back is really defined. Most importantly, my pelvic floor has been strengthened by 100%! I’m amazed!

Vlad has given me an excellent fitness program, strong nutritional guidance, and sincere encouragement. The workouts are different every time and he always shows me additional exercises to do on my own.

Vlad is no doubt very passionate about his job and genuinely cares to give me the results I am looking for. Vlad explains why I am performing the exercise and shows me exactly which muscles are targeted. He immediately corrects my form and has given me additional corrective training stretches and exercises to implement as well.

Vlad seems to be conscientious about my abilities/lack of abilities, and will adjust the workouts accordingly. Vlad is very professional and has a great knowledge of fitness, nutrition and trigger point therapy, which is amazing! I would highly recommend Vlad no matter what your circumstances are.



#5 Testimonial

"Vlad implemented corrective exercises to help strengthen my muscles"

When I began looking for a trainer, I specifically wanted to strengthen my lower back and shoulders because of the constant pain I was in from a sedentary job. I also had a tailbone injury that caused a vertebra to be misaligned causing all sorts of pain in my lower back and left leg. Going to a chiropractor helped aligned the vertebra but the muscles that are suppose to hold the bone in place were weak and tender. I couldn’t do a squat or a single push up. Exercises that required any balancing on my left leg or using lower back muscles were difficult to do at the beginning. Vlad implemented corrective exercises to help strengthen my muscles. He makes sure that I have proper form and adjusts accordingly when I am unable to maintain proper form. I haven’t been distracted with any lower back or shoulder pains at work and don’t feel lethargic throughout the day. Thanks for all your work Vlad!


#6 Testimonial

"I lost 42lbs and 42inches!"

I started working with Vlad June 2015 and at the time I was tired, had a strained right knee, and ready for a change. So far I have lost 42lbs and 42inches total off my body. Vlad is very knowledgeable in nutrition, intense HITT workouts, and motivation. He is a great coach and you can tell only wants his clients to succeed. I would highly recommend Vlad to anyone who is ready for a change and wants to become fit for life!


#7 Testimonial

"If you follow his instructions, you will get the results you want. Simple as that."

My experience with personal trainers in the past has been mostly negative – most of them feeling like little more than drill instructors who are there to do little more than yell at you and demean you to ensure that you do exactly what they think will be best for you without any real explanation as to why you’re doing it.

Vladi absolutely shattered that expectation the first time we met. He is attentive, takes the time to not only teach you proper form and routine, but also WHY the exercises you perform are vital to better fitness. Since I’ve started training with Vladi, I’ve lost over forty pounds in three months and seen a huge change endurance, strength and learned more about how to take care of my body than I ever thought possible.

While Vladi will push you, he is respectful of the fact that everyone has their limits. You’ll sweat and be sore by the time he’s done, but I’ve never felt like its too much or too hard to continue. He’s very encouraging every step of the way and helps you keep your goals in sight. If you follow his instructions, you will get the results you want. Simple as that.



#8 Testimonial

"One word to describe BBV: RESULTS."

One word to describe BBV: RESULTS.I have been working out for almost 20 years and thought I knew everything. I was wrong! After only 6 weeks of working with Vlad, I was stronger and leaner. He is knowledgeable, pays attention to proper form, always changes things up, and really works with you on setting specific goals. If you work out with Vlad, know that you will get worked!


#9 Testimonial

"Vlad always gives 100%"

Training with Vlad has been an amazing journey! When I started training with him, I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that if I trusted Vlad and did what he told me to do, I would get results. In just 3 months I have lost 44 lbs. The results I got from just 3 months of training are more than I could have imagined when I started. Vlad is very passionate and dedicated when it comes to his clients. His meal plans are very easy to follow, and the workouts are personalized to you. The workouts are always fun and creative! He knows your strengths, weaknesses, and knows how to push you to your limits to make you stronger. Vlad always gives 100% of his effort to help you achieve your goals, all you have to do is give your 100% doing what he tells you to do and the results will be amazing! I would recommend Vlad to anyone who wants amazing results! Vlad is an amazing trainer, choosing to train with him is the best decision I have made!


#10 Testimonial

"I no longer have pain and I lost over 50 pounds "

Last year I ended up in ICU for 4 days. Needless to say this was a huge wake-up call for me. I was overweight and definitely out of shape. Then I found Anytime Fitness and Vlad Telelyuev and this changed my life! My journey with Vlad began February 1, 2014. I came into Anytime Fitness feeling very tired and a little depressed. I had knee pain, back pain and of course I needed to lose weight. From the beginning Vlad encouraged me to push myself beyond my limits to do more than I thought I could. He was great at showing me modifications for my age and ability level and gave me personalized training so that I could yield my maximum results. Within 6 months, Vlad’s expert training, encouragement and support, I no longer have pain and I lost over 50 pounds and 47 inches from my body! The best part is, I actually look forward to my training sessions.



#11 Testimonial

"I wound up losing 25lbs! "

Only in town for less than two months, highly doubtful of any significant results in that time, but didn’t want to sit around the hotel room in a heat wave. I wound up losing 25 lbs!

V. is very personal and knowledgeable and meets the client where they’re at. Weight loss and working around pre-existing injuries are specialties, so you don’t have to worry about being able to do what he proposes. Upbeat attitude, high energy, and excellent variety really make the sessions fly by! BUT- if he asks you if you’re ready for some “real BBV”, the smart answer is NO!




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