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Of the 100 million adults in American suffering from chronic pain, half struggle with daily pain.

*Source: National Institutes of Health – Pain Consortium




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Body By Vlad Pain Management Program


We offer our clients a custom tailored pain management program to help them alleviate or eliminate pain through corrective exercises in the following areas:

Knee Impairments

Neck Impairments

Ankle Impairments

Wrist Impairments

Shoulder Impairments

Foot Impairments

Elbow Impairments

Cervical Spine Impairments

Lumbo - Pelvic - Hip Impairments


Live life, pain free. With our corrective exercise programs, we will provide you with custom tailored flexibility programs that will reduce low back pain, improve posture, reduce the risk of injury, and increase range of motion in joints.


Also referred to as self-myofascial release, foam rolling is essentially a form of self-massage that allows you to apply deep pressure to certain points of the body to release tightness and muscular tension


All forms of stretching improve flexibility and range of motion. Exercise timing and your training goals influence which type of stretching is best for you. Let us help you figure out what type fits your needs.

Client Testimonials

Body by Vlad is an individual fitness and nutrition program designed by Vlad. Vlad designed a program that fit my body shape and nutritional needs. I have a knee problem and he designed a program that has low impact on my knee yet is helping me tone and trim and get in better shape.

Sheryl R.

Pain Management Client

Vlad is professional, knowledgeable, and always well prepared. This was my first “official” personal trainer and I’ve noticed results almost immediately. He also worked with all of my injuries and pushed me just enough. In addition to all of this, he is a very nice person. I highly recommend Vlad.

Laurie B.

Pain Management Client

I worked with Vlad for about 4 months before I relocated out of state. My primary goal was to continue working on strength and conditioning to help with an ongoing back injury after physical therapy. Since I also was overweight, it was an added bonus that he has great knowledge in nutrition and I opted to participate in his 90 day transformation with him. My expectations were met in both areas.

He is very knowledgeable with the type of injuries I was dealing with and was able to explain to me what was causing the pain and why we were doing the type of exercises and stretches that we were doing. He even spent extra time after some of our appointments to help me get stretched out more which helped with the pain. I was able to take the education that he gave me and continue to apply the information months later.

The nutritional plan he set up is very easy to follow and does not feel like a diet. I have tried other places “lose a bunch of weight in 60 days” challenges and although the weight came off fast, the meal plans were boring and I always ended up worse off as before. His plan has variation and gets great results. That doesn’t mean I didn’t slip a few times, but it was quickly obvious that when I followed it, I lost weight and when I didn’t, I stalled.

Overall, I highly recommend Vlad and would still be working with him if I had not relocated out of state.

Timothy B.

Pain Management Client

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